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Overland Park, Kansas



Dear Mrs. Bosch's,


We are sending you Flat Stantley so he can have an adventure with the children at your school. Please email us Stantley in the kind of clothes he might wear. Would you mind helping Stanley tell us a little bit about your school and where you live?


1. How many children are in your school and what grades are they in?

2.How many grades does your school have?

3. What is the weather like there.

4. What are some fun things to do where you live.


Thanks for letting Stanley visit. We will put the informatiuon and pictures you share on our wiki page.



The St. Anthony's  2nd  graders.





Overland Park Kansas



From:  Mrs. B  (nancybosch@smsd.org)


Flat Stanley Project‏
Sent: Wed 1/21/09 2:58 PM

!. What is the name of your school? Broken Arrow Enhanced Learning Center


2. How many students attend and in what grades?  We have about 60 students, grades K-6 who come to the Center to do harder and more challenging work.


3. Where is your school located? Shawnee Kansas


History of the town



4. What is your climate and weather like. We live right in the middle of the country, generally the weather is typical of what you would think of for each season.  We have snow in the winter and it gets really hot in the summer.  Spring and Fall have really nice weather.


5. What fun places will Stanley visit where you live? We have a lot of things to do in our town.  We are really close to Kansas City.  In Kansas City you can go to the zoo, or visit the Harry Truman Library.  You can go to Science City at Union Station, go to a Royals baseball game or a Chiefs football game.  We have several wonderful art museums and hundreds of great restaurants.  You could also send the day at Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun.  They are big amusement parks like Six Flags or Busch Gardens.  


Some of my students projects looked like this:


Student in the EL Center took part in the Doodle 4 Google contest.  See the submissions below. Each person had to represent the statement "What if...?" You can see the statements at our blog site A Really Different Place

UPDATE!  We were thrilled to find out that two of our students made the State Finals.  Congrats to Sam and Mattea.

Amelia Grade 1

Cody Grade 5

Corbyn Grade 6

Haley Grade 5

Jessica Grade 5

McKinsay Grade 2

Mattea Grade 6

Nolan Grade 4

Sam Grade 6

Simon Grade 5

Trenton Grade 4

Check out the Talk Like a Pirate Week Photos! We finally finished the pirate wiki, you can see all of our hard work here.



Stanley can Doodle for Google too!



 Mrs. B.

Broken Arrow Enhanced Learning Center

Shawnee Mission Schools









Our Other Sites:










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