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New York

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You might want to include:


Weather- Current temperature as well as some seasonal ranges.

Location- Latitude and longitude and proximity to major cities.

Population- How many people in your city and in your school?

Special to Your Location- Describe favourite local activities, sports, hobbies and sites of interest and industries.

What do you like best about where you are? What would you change?  

Wish List- What's important to you? What could you do to make things in your school, your neighbourhood or even the world better?

What causes or projects are you involved in? Could Flat Stanley contacts elsewhere in the world help you?

Books- What books are students reading in class? What television programs are they watching?

Seasonal Activities- Winter sure is different in Northern Ontario and Southern California! What are the differences? What do we have in common?

Freebies- Consider sending little inclusions with your replies. Local leaves, coins, stickers, post cards and photographs all add to the learning.

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